FBI investigating powder-filled letters in Texas

Officials with the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspectors reported that they are investigating the the delivery of 13 suspicious letters containing white powder in north Texas.

The first of the letters were discovered on August 5, when six letters filled with white powder were delivered to locations across the north Texas metro area.

Five additional letters were received in the area on the morning of August 6, CBS11TV.com reports, with that number rising to a total of 13 letters received by the end of the day.

Letters were sent to a company in Arlington, to Raytheon in Garland, to an aerospace company in Grand Prairie, to a Raytheon plant on the property of Texas Instruments in Dallas and to Rocket Air Supply company in Arlington.

Suspicious letters were also discovered at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Richardson, the mail room at Microsoft's offices in Irving, the Dallas Love Field Airport and Spenro Industrial Supply Company in Grand Prairie.

It was later discovered that that two letters were also found at a Raytheon office in the Boston area, CBS11TV.com reports.

Ramona Layne, a spokesperson with the Raytheon Company, issued a statement regarding the incidents.

“The safety and security of our employees is paramount,” Layne told CBS11TV.com. “Raytheon contacted Dallas emergency services immediately upon discovery of unknown powder substance at two sites, North Dallas and Garland facilities. Employees at both sites are safe and were unharmed.”

The powder in all of the letters found  tested as non-hazardous. Officials said, however, that the powder would be further tested.

Investigators reported that the powder found in some of the letters on Thursday was corn starch.

Investigators have not clarified whether the letters were all sent from one person or location, but said they are investigating the possibility, according to the CBS11TV.com report.