Sacramento man ordered to pay for anthrax hoax

A Sacramento, Calif., man who allegedly mailed out more than 100 fake anthrax letters in October 2008 has been ordered to pay $6,677.70 in restitution for costs resulting from receipt of the envelopes.

Marc McMain Keyser will pay two fire departments, a police department, a laboratory and a congressman for the cost of responding to his anthrax hoax letters, the Modesto Bee reports.

Keyser was charged with sending 10 letters and found guilty by a jury of sending only three. Under the law, restitution may only be assessed in connection with hoax mailings for which Keyser was convicted.

Keyser will pay the Sacramento Fire Department $609.06 for responding to packages delivered to a McDonald's and a Starbucks. He was also ordered to pay $748.29 to the Modesto Police Department, $1,200 to Rep. George Radanovich and $2,438.79 to the Modesto Fire Department for costs associated with the letters, the Modesto Bee reports.

In addition to the fines, Keyser is currently serving a four year, three month prison sentence imposed in April by U.S. District Judge Frank C. Damrell, Jr.

In a four-page written statement filed by his attorney, Keyser contended that he was simply a whistleblower and that his actions were meant as a test "to prove scientifically" that the Department of Homeland Security's ability to protect against a real anthrax attack "is a fraud," the Modesto Bee reports.