N.Y. co. gets powder filled package

A suspicious package sent to a company in Plattsburgh, New York, was filled with a white powder that caused an evacuation of all employees and shut down a nearby street.

Hazmat teams were called to Plattco Corporation on Tuesday after a worker noticed the package, WPTZ.com reports, and 20 workers were quarantined and washed. A doctor on the scene evaluated the workers for any signs of illness.

"They quarantined this building and everyone in it," Dough Crozier, Plattco's president and CEO, told WPTZ.com. "They set up washing stations and all the employees had to go through the wash down."

The package, which was delivered by UPS and came from out of state, contained a normal shipment of computer discs from the company's bank in Maine.

"Also in the packaging was this powder, which they didn't expect," Capt. Michael Branch of the Plattsburgh City Police told WPTZ.com. "The person that opened it noticed the package was not sealed the way it usually was, like maybe it was tampered with."

The powder was tested using special equipment that indicated that the powder wasn't anthrax.

Despite the powder's lack of danger, a federal investigation has begun to find the responsible party.

"It doesn't look like we were a target. It looks like it was more on the other side," Crozier said. "A disgruntled employee putting it in there."