Colorado man to plead guilty to anthrax hoax

Jay DeVaughn, the man arrested for allegedly sending white powder to a series of congressmen and government offices, will reportedly plead guilty to related charges in Alabama and Colorado.

DeVaughn already pleaded not guilty, but will have a change of plea hearing, to federal charges in Colorado that include mailing threatening communications and false information and hoaxes, reports. Alabama federal courts have also charged him with one count of false information and hoaxes. These cases have been combined.

"He is expected to plead guilty," U.S. Attorney spokesman Jeff Dorschner told “Details of the plea agreement will not be made available until after the change of plea hearing."

The change of plea hearing, expected to take place on July 22, had been postponed for one month.

Birmingham FBI agents investigated a total of 12 letters containing white powder that were mailed from Alabama to the offices of Alabama senators and representatives in 2009. DeVaughn also allegedly sent white powder to the offices of government officials from Colorado, though it is unclear whether they were mailed to addresses within the state or to Washington, DC.

The return addresses used on the mailings were often those of people DeVaughn had allegedly threatened over the phone in the Denver metropolitan area, including his high school trigonometry teacher.

DeVaughn was voted the administrator of the year in 2009 at the community college he worked for in Aurora, Colorado. He was the director of library services until he resigned shortly after his arrest earlier this year.