Office of Public Safety purchases bioterror detection equipment

Officials with Universal Detection Technology announced this week that the company has received a purchase order from Washington D.C.’s Office of Public Safety and Justice for bioterror detection equipment.

The Office of Public Safety and Justice placed orders for UNDT’s 5-agent detection kits. The 5-agent kits have been used by first responders throughout the country. The kits' capabilities include no setup time, no need for expensive radar reader, no decontamination requirements and no false positives or negatives.

Universal Detection Technology President and CEO Jacques Tizabi said that the company has also filled a purchase order for the Chameleon line of chemical weapon detection kits. The Chameleon kits use color change technology to detect hazardous and potential biothreat chemicals such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and phosgene.

“One of UNDT's goals has always been to become a one-stop-shop for CBRN detection equipment to first responders throughout the country,” Tizabi said. “The purchase order from the Office of Public Safety and Justice is the first order that combines UNDT's chemical and biological weapon detection equipment.”

Universal Detection Technology develops monitoring technologies, including bioterrorism detection devices. In addition to working with various homeland security-related groups, Universal has worked with NASA on a bacterial spore detector that detects certain biohazard substances.