Chile "anthrax" package tests negative

Police officials in Chile have reported that they found no toxic substances in a package that was delivered to the foreign minister last week that carried a label that read "anthrax."

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a source within the Institute of Public Health told Reuters that the package was tested, ruling out the presence of any infectious agents.

Police, fire and military personnel were dispatched to the Chilean chancellery in Santiago, Chile, on July 13 after the parcel was discovered.

The package was found in the office mail at the chancellery. It had been delivered on July 9 in a diplomatic suitcase from Amsterdam, officials told Reuters.

Chile's government temporarily closed the ministry building to visitors when the package was discovered. It was reported, however, that not everyone in the building was evacuated. Some, according to reports, were take to a secure area cut off from where the package was found while hazardous materials teams secured the street outside the building.

Officials told Reuters that members of the Police Operations Group, along with the bomb squad, used a robot to secure the parcel. The parcel, along with the clothes of 25 people that came into contact with it, was then tested, according to the report.