Anthrax scare at Chilean chancellery

The police, fire department and military were called in on July 13 to a building that houses the Chilean chancellery in Santiago, Chile, to investigate a potential anthrax attack.

A letter labeled “anthrax” was found in the office mail at the chancellery. The letter had arrived on July 9 in a diplomatic suitcase from Amsterdam, reports. 

Members of the Police Operations Group and the bomb squad used a robot to help secure the envelope., which is now on its way to the Public Health Institute for testing, along with the clothes of the 25 people that came into contact with it, reports.

Not everyone in the building was evacuated. Most were taken to a secure area cut off from where the envelope was found. A hazardous materials team worked to secure the street outside the government building.

The commander of the Santiago Fire Department, Gabriel Huerta, rushed to the scene after a phone call from the police alerted him to the potential threat. His mission, he told, was to decontaminate the site and help with the envelope’s extraction.

“We are establishing the same procedure that we did in 2001, when a wave of Anthrax threats occurred. We decontaminated everything with a bleach solution,” Huerta told