India greenlights biological, chemical protection systems

India's Cabinet Committee on Security has given the green light to a project to develop systems and equipment to protect against biological, chemical and nuclear weapons and leakages.

"Under the project for NBC defense, DRDO has been tasked to develop quick and fast detection systems in case of an NBC attack on our vital installations and cities or leakage in any of the installations dealing with these materials," Defense Ministry officials told The Economic Times. "In case on any attack or leakages, such detection systems will help in finding the exact sources of contamination and the authorities concerned would be able to react in a much more effective manner."

The project was given the CCS' approval during a recently held meeting that India's prime minister chair. Work has already begun on developing the systems and several different labs have been informed of the developments.

In addition to the newly approved systems and equipment, the DRDO has been working on unmanned ground vehicles and robots that could be sent into contaminated zones. Medical management during biological and chemical attacks is also being investigated.

Other methods of defense currently under development include inflatable structures that can be used for shelter during a bioattack. Previously, the focus was placed on underground facilities.

India has increased its preparedness for a biological, chemical or nuclear attack in the face of threats by state and non-state actors. The nation has begun preparing its armed forces to deploy protection suites in the event of an attack.