General Physics Corporation celebrates decade of CBRN preparedness

General Physics Corporation recently announced that its Domestic Preparedness Equipment Training Assistance Program is celebrating a decade of training.

DPETAP's goal to aid in the selection, operation and maintenance of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive detection and response equipment for emergency responders across the nation.

According to General Physics Corporation, DPETAP has provided over 431,000 hours of instruction to over 92,000 first responders since its inception.

Developed in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Program's National Preparedness Directorate and the Arsenal, a Department of Defense center for chemical and biological defensive equipment production and support, DPETAP is located at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas.

"We have over 150 accolades from the communities we have trained," Randy Bartley, General Physics Corporation's director of homeland security, defense and emergency management programs, said. "In larger jurisdictions like Atlanta, DC and Chicago, trained responders know GP DPETAP members by name and call on them whenever they have a need, which is a significant accomplishment and an indication of the quality of our DPETAP personnel."

General Physics Corporation, the principal operating subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation, is a global performance improvement solutions provider. Among its clients are manufacturing and energy industries, as well as Fortune 500 companies and other commercial and government customers.