Pine Bluff Arsenal destroys CBRN materiel

The successful destruction of all non-stockpile materiel located at Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas has recently been announced.

Members from the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center's Chemical Biological Application and Risk Reduction Business Unit joined representatives from the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency in celebrating the destruction of the materiel.

"The Army's Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Project is the nation's best equipped organization to provide safe, successful destruction of such a diverse inventory of recovered chemical munitions," Carmen Spencer, deputy assistant secretary of the army for elimination of chemical weapons, said. "This accomplishment exemplifies the excellent work we have come to expect from this dedicated group."

Destruction operations at Pine Bluff Arsenal began in June 2006. More than 1,200 munitions were destroyed, including mortars and German Traktor rockets captured during World War II.

As an alternative to open detonation, three separate enclosures were erected for on-site treatment and neutralization of chemical materiel and to prevent the release of vapor, blast or munition fragments during the process.

"Usually I just say I blow things up for a living, but it's more specific than that," Laura Graham, ECBC's Pine Bluff explosive destruction system project manager, said. "I came to work and helped to get rid of something that's not good for people so it's been very rewarding. This isn't something many people get to do on a daily basis."