Iran calls for trials for chemical weapon suppliers

Saeed Jalil, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, is calling for trials against the United States and 14 European countries for allegedly supplying chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein between 1980 and 1988.

“The world community should ask for the trial of the U.S. and 14 European countries for selling chemical weapons to Saddam,” Jalil told Fars News Agency. “Based on official documents, the U.S. and 14 European countries are the main culprits who equipped Saddam with chemical weapons.”

Jalil went on to add that the United States should be the first to be disarmed of chemical and nuclear weapons. He also noted that if countries with such weapons are not disarmed, those who had a role in the chemical bombardment of Sardasht in Iran,  Halabcheh in Iraq and Vietnam, are likely to repeat their crimes again.

Jalil said that tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and wounded by chemical weapons during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran in Sardasht and Shalamcheh and that approximately 100,000 Iranians are still living with the health effects.

Those effects, Jalil said, include long-term respiratory problems, eye and skin problems, immune system disorders, psychological disorders, genetic disorders and cancers.

Sardasht was the first city where civilians where attacked with chemical weapons by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the imposed Iraqi war on Iran, Jalil said.