Pakistan seeks death penalty for bioweapons

The Foreign Office in Islamabad, Pakistan, has requested that the federal government enact a law giving the death penalty to those who use or attempt to use a biological weapon inside or outside of Pakistan, as well as life imprisonment for offenders who develop, manufacture, import, export, acquire, possess or retain a weapon of biological nature inside the country.

Under the proposed law - CCPr 1898 - offenders in these instances would be tried only in a sessions court and only upon written complaint by an officer authorized by the federal government, reports. Provisions would be applicable to trials and other proceedings.

Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir told the Foreign Office that the draft bill would apply to all in Pakistan, including its citizens, those in service of the country within or abroad, and any Pakistani working or visiting abroad.

The act would also apply to any offense committed in or against Pakistan or its citizens, as well as any foreign national present in Pakistan's territory and any conveyance present within the territory, regardless of where it has been registered.

Anyone found harboring, aiding, abetting or financing any offender under this law would be punished with the possibility of life imprisonment and would be liable for a fine and confiscation of property.