Texas National Guard to study Czech CBRN unit

The Prague Monitor reports that Texas National Guard representatives recently visited the Czech Republic military's 31st brigade of radiation, chemical and biological protection to gather information in advance of possibly developing a similar unit stateside.

The guard's chief commander, General Jose Mayorga, visited Liberec, Czech Republic, to see how the Czech's unit is organized and how the world-renowned chemical warfare unit is prepared for the worst of emergency situations, according to the Prague Monitor.

The Texas guard is currently contemplating the creation of a similar uint, leading Mayorga to assess the Czech unit's organization and preparation for emergency situations as well as plans for reaction to attacks.

The Czech chemical warfare unit is looked to for defense measures in high-security situations, such as the recent U.S. - Russian summit in Prague as well as the Olympics in Athens, the newspaper reports.

Mayorga was invited to learn more about the unit's workings by Czech chief-of-staff Vlastimil Picek. Picek will travel to Austin, Texas, in July, according to the Prague Monitor.

The cooperation between the two defense units to develop a chemical warfare unit is not the first time that they have collaborated, according to the report. U.S. officials have helped to develop the Czech Republic's military since the early 1990's, and the Texas National Guard specifically has trained with Czech military pilots, according to the Prague Monitor.