New technique announced to fight inhaled anthrax

In collaboration with the University of Texas Medical Branch, IQ Therapeutics B.V., Groningen, the Netherlands, has announced up to a 100 percent survival rate in animal tests for late state inhalation anthrax infections.

Using a rabbit model, IQ Therapeutics said that the 100 percent survival rate could be achieved with extended time to treatment - as much as 48 hours post-infection - by using a combination of two specific monoclonal antibodies developed by the company. The results, IQ Therapeutics says, have significant potential for saving the lives of those infected with anthrax when there is no immediate access to treatment.

"The results obtained in the recent studies are unprecedented. We have demonstrated in a rabbit model that we can achieve up to 100% survival after treatment with a single dose of two antibodies - anti-PA and anti-LF - at 48 hours after the infection," Herman Groen, IQ Therapeutics' chief scientific officer, said. "Our advanced stage treatment is unique and has a tremendous advantage in real life settings where an infected person might not immediately be aware of the infection or does not have immediate access to proper treatment. Especially in those cases, IQ Therapeutics' dual antibody approach can in the future help saving lives, as there is currently no cure available for that stage of disease."