Experts warn bioterror could be future of war

The continued proliferation of chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological weapons is a major concern for U.S. military officials and could end up changing the battleground for troops according to experts.

Commanders under U.S. Central Command recently expressed such concerns during a Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, reports. While the panelists agreed that they did not know where the next wars will be fought, they agreed troops should be prepared for a number of possibilities, including chemical and biological attacks.

One concern expressed by Air Force Major General Charles Cleveland is that the Defense Department has not invested enough in next-generation protective gear to protect troops from a combination of different terrorist attacks, including biological or chemical weapons.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Richard Haddad, commander of Special Operations Command Korea, voiced similar concerns, noting that tensions remain high in North Korea and South Korea, following the March sinking of a warship. He told that North Korea recently threatened to attack South Korea if the U.N. leveled sanctions against them.

“We’ve heard those provocations before and are waiting to see what happens,” Hadda told “I have no question in my mind that they will do quite well in war.”

Hadda noted that U.S. operator needs would include infiltration programs and radio communications.