ICx given contracts to fight bioterror

ICx Technologies, a developer of sensor technologies for homeland security, was recently awarded two contracts to fight bioterror valued at $9.1 million by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

The first contract, dubbed Hazard Mitigation Material and Equipment Restoration, is to create a system of applications and decontaminants to be used to mitigate biological and chemical threats.

One aspect of the contract will deal with further work on the company’s Agentase Disclosure Spray which uses “smart” coatings that can detect chemical warfare agents on surfaces and pinpoint their locations.

The second contract is for Rapid Area Sensitive Site Reconnaissance programs. Rapid Area Sensitive Site Reconnaissance will be used to hone a detection system to provide reconnaissance for explosives and other hazardous materials. ICx will combine this technology with semi-autonomous mapping capabilities as a way to clear potentially hazardous areas, according to the report.

ICx CEO Colin Cumming said that he is excited about the contracts and their potential.

“Advanced Technology Demonstrations, or ATDs, are a critical aspect of transitioning new technologies to the warfighter,” Cumming said. “ICx is pleased that our technologies and integration capabilities will be employed within these two important programs and anticipate successful technology transitions because of them.”