Anthrax scare in Bootle, England

Officials in Bootle, England, recently responded to an anthrax scare, closing several streets after a suspicious package was found.

On June 10, streets were roped off for hours after someone found a package on Waterworks Street labeled "anthrax," the Liverpool Echo reports.

The powdery substance in the shoebox-sized box was determined to be "protein-based flour," according to The Liverpool Echo.

But that was not determined before officials sealed off Waterworks Street and Davies Street from 9:20 p.m to about 1 a.m., the newspaper reports.

No homes in the area were evacuated after the package was found outside near a parking lot and vacant building.

The woman who alerted authorities about the possible anthrax-laced package told the newspaper: “I saw two lads tentatively turning over this package with their feet. They called me over and I saw it was yellow with a hazardous chemical sign on it and when they turned it over, it had ‘anthrax’ written on the other side.There was a tear in the pack and I could see white powder wrapped in cellophane. I wasn’t sure what to think, it was quite frightening. I called the police and that was at about 8 p.m.”

A police spokeswoman told the newspaper that the package would be tested by scientists and that an investigation into who placed it on the street would be shortly underway.