FDNY equipped with better CBRN protection

In an effort to better prepare firefighters in New York for a radiological attack, FDNY has announced the purchase of Demron personal-protection armor from Radiation Shield Technologies of Miami, Fla., as part of its chemical protective clothing upgrade program.

RST President Dr. Ronald DeMeo told gsnmagazine.com that Demron is the world’s only fabric that provides protection against all nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological threats.

“One of the hazards of the job is that [firefighters] are going to be exposed to radiation,” DeMeo told gsnmagazine.com. “If there’s a victim inside a radiological environment, firefighters are not going to ignore that victim. They are going to rescue them, and we are trying to provide them with the best radiological protection.”

FDNY will equip firefighters with the product line’s two-ply Radiation Torso Vest. The torso vest protects the vital organs of firefighters from X-ray and low-energy gamma emissions. It also protects against high- and low-energy alpha and beta radiations.

FDNY also purchased RST’s high-energy nuclear suppression blankets. The blanket is flame and acid resistant and offers protection for contained high-energy sources like an undetonated dirty bomb. The blanket can also be used to protect firefighters when evacuating radioactive-contaminated patients.