Florida AG announces new strategies for bioterror preparedness

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, Central Florida Fire Chief John Williamson and officials with Zimek Technologies announced a joint homeland security initiative during a press conference last week, according to medicalnewstoday.com.

“As we've all been reminded recently, the threat of terrorism on American soil has not abated," McCollum told medicalnewstoday.com. "Law enforcement and first responders, on the front lines of America's homeland security, need every tool at their disposal to respond should another attack happen."

The state will also be working with sBioMed, the developers of STERIPLEX Ultra, which kills anthrax spores.

“Two innovators in the field - Zimek Technologies and sBioMed - have teamed up to provide Florida and the nation with this vital homeland security biological capability to kill anthrax,” McCollum said. “This partnership is beneficial for first responders nationwide, but also for Florida because supporting Zimek with this new market capability will allow the company to grow, hire more employees and help stimulate Florida's job growth.”

Joe Mantilla, vice president of corporate affairs at Zimek, told medicalnewstoday.com that his company has been developing and marketing its patented automatic Micro-Mist decontamination system for over five years.

“In addition to our current capability of remediating deadly infectious pathogens such as MRSA, acinetobacter and tuberculosis, the use of STERIPLEX Ultra sporicide with Zimek's revolutionary Touch-Free Micro-Mist Decontamination Systems add a critical sporicidal capability to the arsenal used by military personnel and first responders to destroy anthrax spores,” Mantilla said.