Global bioweapons directory not feasible, expert says

Terence Taylor, the president of the International Council for Life Sciences and a former UN weapons inspector for Iraq, opened a two-day conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, by stating that it is impossible to have a global directory for the controlling and tightening of biological and nuclear weapons.

“Biological or chemical and nuclear weapons are separate things and the parameters for biological weapons control are different altogether,” Taylor said in the opening hours of the conference on “Conduct of responsible science: safety, security and ethics” held at the Comstech Secretariat in Islamabad, reports.

Taylor noted that a comprehensive approach is needed to tackle this hot issue for the safety and security of the globe. He said that responsible scientists can play a key role in this emerging global issue.

Taylor added that the conduct of responsible science lies with scientists themselves, but noted that scientists also have a responsibility to society as a whole.

“Science should be conducted to bring benefits to humanity requiring a conscious calculation of the risks involved in any endeavor,” Taylor said, according to “It is an urgent matter that a multi-disciplinary consultation takes place to help chart better ways to assure the responsible conduct of science without hindering its advancement and dissemination, he added.