Biodefenses showcased in India

Biological and chemical defense methods were showcased at the recently held Bangalore India Bio 2010, reports.

Among the technologies showcased were protective suits for medical responder made of waterproof polyester. The suits, designed for rescue operations in biological or chemical warfare emergencies, are impervious to rain, sleet and snow. The suit also contains a mask with a particulate aerosol filter to provide contamination free air.

The color-coded suits come in white for medical personnel, orange for radiation safety officers and navy blue for team leaders.

A ricin test kit was also displayed at the event. Liquid within the test kit changes colors to indicate the presence of ricin.

Several antidotes for powerful poisons were also part of the conference, including a powder that can be placed on the skin to prevent blisters from chemical warfare, an injectable antidote for nerve agent poison that is administered every five minutes until a patient returns to normal and a cyanide antidote.

The products were developed by the Bangalore-based Defence Bioengineering and Electromedical Laboratory, which works under the Life Sciences Directorate of DRDO. DEBEL is charged with researching and developing technologies and products for life support, medical and physiological protection systems for the Indian Armed forces.