Deseret Chemical Depot compeltes chemical munitions destruction

The Gaea Times reports that a chemical munitions site in a western Utah desert has been rendered safe after the destruction of its chemical munitions.

According to the report, workers have at the chemical munitions site have destroyed the last of the explosively configured mustard agent-filled munitions dumps at the Deseret Chemical Depot near Toole, Utah.

A spokesperson with the depot said that a 4.2-inch mortar disposal operation was completed recently, the Gaea Times reports. Now there are only canisters of mustard agent that must be processed, according to the report.

The Gaea Times reports that about 90 percent of the Deseret Chemical Depot stockpile is eliminated. Over one million munitions have also been eliminated.

Decommissioning can begin now at the depot, Ted Ryba, site project manager of the Toole Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, said, according to the report. Since only bulk containers of mustard agent remain, equipment such as the furnace system that destroyed the explosive chemical components can now be removed, the report states.

Mustard agent can cause large, painful blisters on human skin following exposure to the chemical weapon.

In a similar weapons destruction program, a worker at Oregon's Umatilla Depot prepping chemical weapons for destruction was recently injured by a mustard agent, which was the first exposure-related injury at that depot since it began incinerating its chemical weapons stockpile in 2004.