Russian terrorists trying to obtain biological, chemical weapons

A top security official in Russia said on June 2 that active terrorists in post-Soviet nations are attempting to obtain biological, chemical and nuclear materials for terrorist attacks.

Federal Security Service security chief General Alexander Bortnikov told about the development just after speaking at the CIS security agencies conference in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg.

“We posses information indicating that the terrorists are trying to gain access to nuclear, biological and chemical components,” Borttnikov told “We are constantly paying attention to this problem.”

According to Bortkinov, several terror attacks were foiled in the former Soviet republics thanks to joint inter-agency efforts.

“Last year, we managed to intercept a supply channel of 15 kilogrammes of TNT and hexogen in to Moscow and detain an agent who planned to carry out 12 terrorist attacks in the Russian capital, who has been charged for attempting to carryout a string of terror attacks,” Bortnikov told

Since the beginning of this year, Russia's security forces have prevented 23 terrorist attacks and detained more than 250 bandits and their associates, Bortnikov said, thanking colleagues from other agencies who have helped preventive operations.

It was through such means, Bortnikov said, that his agency gained knowledge of a planned terrorist attack slated for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.