BYU holds bioterror simulation

Brigham Young University's LaVell Edwards Stadium on Tuesday played host to emergency management responders instead of football fans.

Those in attendance received training that would help them respond to a bioterrorism attack when the stadium is at capacity, according to the Desert News.

The Utah County Health Department coordinated the drill, which involved volunteers acting as victims of a biological weapons attack.

The newspaper reported that emergency workers were left to determine by way of the victims' symptoms what had happened to each. Lance Madigan, a Utah County Health Department spokesman, told the newspaper that, since officials were unaware of what caused the simulated attack, victims were treated for all possible causes.

Officials donned hazmat suits and decontaminated the victims outside of the stadium before transporting them to local hospitals for further treatment, according to the newspaper. About 100 people volunteered as victims.

"As much as we can, we want to preplan so our response can be better and faster next time," Madigan told the newspaper.

The county health department participated in the exercise with officials from agencies including the Utah Transit Authority, Provo police and fire departments, the National Guard and the Red Cross, according to the newspaper.