Patents issued for automated airborne pathogen identification

Microfluidic Systems announced on May 25 that it has received a series of patents for a system that will collect and test airborne pathogens like toxins, bacteria and viruses.

The patent, titled “Integrated Airborne Substance Collection and Detection System,” combines an integrated system with detect-to-warn and a detect-to-treat function.

The system also includes sample collection and processing and biological triggering functions, as well as the ability to identify organisms and detect toxin proteins. The system has an early warning mode and contains the ability to confirm the presence of specific toxins.

Microfluidic Systems officials said the system contains components within the integrated system that they have also patented.

M. Allen Northrup, founder and CEO of the company, said he is optimistic about the new patents.

“We are pleased that our patent and intellectual property portfolio continues to grow in area of automated biological agent detection and identification,” Northrup said. “With these additional patents and our on-going program to build and test these automated systems, we are well on the way to implementing a key solution to airborne pathogen monitoring.”

Microfluidic Systems was founded in 2001 and is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for automated preparation and performance of biological assays.