Anthrax scare in Evansville, Ind.

Employees at the Federal Building in Evansville, Ind., were sent home on May 24 after an envelope sent there was discovered to contain an unknown white powder.

According to WFIE in Evansville, the FBI has turned over the suspicious white powder to the Vanderburgh County Health Department for further testing, which will be conducted in Indianapolis.

The powder will be tested to determine if it contains, among other possibilities, anthrax.

The details of the investigation remain undisclosed by the FBI, WFIE reports.

WFIE says that anyone who sends a threatening letter to a federal building, whether or not it contains a bioterrorism agent such as anthrax or just white powder, can face a 10-year prison sentence if convicted in the case.

A Denver man was recently arrested for sending letters containing white powder to government buildings in several states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classifies anthrax as a Category A bioterrorism agent, meaning it can pose the greatest risk possible of a negative public health effect. Anthrax can be contracted through contact with infected animals or from breathing in an anthrax spores from infected animal byproducts such as wool.