Brazilian CBRN technological center discusses nation's defense capabilities

Lt. Colonel Paulo Malizia, head of the Brazilian Army’s CBRN technological Center, recently discussed the past, present and future of his country’s CBRN defense capabilities in an interview with

According to Malizia, the Brazilian army has had troops specializing in CBRN defense since it entered World War II in 1944, when its Department of Chemical Warfare Center Specialized Instruction was created. The department was modeled after the U.S. Army’s Department of Chemical Warfare.

Malizia noted that the Brazilian army’s CBRN defense corps has evolved over the course of the past 15 years, both from a doctrinal change in training and in technology, research and development.

“Since 2002, it has created a wide CBRN system the purpose of which is to enable ground forces to be able to be employed in foreign missions for defense, to guarantee law and order and to cooperate with civil defense when operating in environments where there is the presence or threat of  use of CBRN agents,” Malizia told

Mailizia also discussed the threat level of use of CBRN’s by terrorists in his country. He told that he did not consider the threat to be high.

“Brazil is characterized as a very well integrated nation without major ethnic, cultural, religious, political or other separatist conflicts which are the common motivation for terrorist groups,” Malizia said.

However, with the 2016 Olympixc games scheduled to take place in Brazil, he said his army’s CBRN defenses had to be prepared in the eventuality of a high profile attack.

One step towards those preparations will be a mobile laboratory that will begin operating in 2011, Malizia said.