Federal grant given to fund development of bioagent detection system

A $2.4 million federal grant has been awarded to a Delaware company to aid it in continuing its work in detecting a variety of biological warfare agents.

ANP Technologies, Inc., will use the federal grant to continue its testing and refining of a handheld device that the company says can be used to quickly detect the presence of chemical agents in the air as well as the types of chemical agents present.

Senator Ted Kaufman (D-Del.) and Congressman Mike Castle (R-Del.) made an appearance at the announcement of the federal funding, with Congressman Castle telling WHYY.org that the handhled device will be a boon to soldiers on the field of battle.

Sen. Kaufman, in quoting a study to WHYY.org, said that it is only a matter of time before either soldiers or the population is affected by the use of chemical agents.

Sen. Kaufman also said that ANP Technologies, Inc., is one of the new types of companies that is needed to bring the United States out of its current recession, noting that banking and home construction jobs were no longer something that could be counted on as a main fixture for the economy.

A good example of ANP Technologies, Inc.'s impact on the economy, Sen. Kaufman said, was its work in conjunction with the Fisker company to bring new auto technology to the old Boxwood Road GM plant.