Indiana police dept. receives CBRN containment device

The Evansville Police Department in Indiana recently received a $370,000 investment to help it in its war against biological and chemical terror.

The investment, reports, came in the form of the NABCO 42 Containment vessel, which was purchased for the Evansville Police Department by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Sgt. Steve Evans, commander of the police department’s Explosive Disposal Squad told that the containment vessel will help fight against biological and chemical threats as well as explosive threats.

According to the product’s website, the NABCO 42 “provides maximum stand-off for personnel and can fully contain a biological or chemical hazard within an improvised explosive device, even after detonation.”

The NABCO 42 also contains a sampling system to identify hazardous agents and may be paired with a decontamination system, according to information from the NABCO’s web site.

Evansville Police Chief Brad Hill told he hopes a terrorist attack never occurs in his city.

“But it's unrealistic to say it won't happen.,” Hill said. “The containment vessel gives the department the ability to respond to threats not only in the Evansville region, but all of Southern Indiana.”

The Evansville Police Department will now be one of hundreds of police departments across the country to now use the NABCO 42.