Anthrax hoax at NYC department store

An unidentified female employee of a Marc Jacobs store in New York City alerted authorities after she received a package from California that she thought contained anthrax, according to a report this week by the New York Post.

Once the FBI arrived on the scene it, however, it was discovered that the white powder was actually cocaine. The case was subsequently turned over to the NYPD, the report says. The substance tested positively as cocaine, police said, and the woman was taken in for questioning.

“It appears to have been a huge mix-up,” an unnamed source said in the New York Post report. “The girl has no idea why she was sent it. The cops are looking into whether it was intended for someone else in the building. But she was not happy with how she was treated by the police and is considering filing charges.”

The woman was not charged and representatives of Marc Jacobs declined to comment on the matter.

This latest incident comes on the heels of a $53 million federal budget cut in the city’s terror fighting budget.

The Obama administration made the massive cut, which targets the city’s allocations for port and transit security, just 11 days after a botched bombing attempt on Times Square, much to the chagrin of New York legislators.

“The President seems more interested in raising money for political campaigns than providing New York the money it needs to defend itself against Islamic terrorism,” Rep. Pete King told the New York Daily News.

King, who holds one of the top Republican positions on the Homeland Security Committee, added, “The fact that the Obama administration would cut New York's homeland security funding just 11 days after the Times Square car bomb attempt is dangerous and unconscionable.”