British man sentenced for production of ricin

A British member of the Aryan Strike Force was sentenced this week to ten years in jail for the production of chemical weapons.

Ian Davison, a white supremacist who idolized Adolf Hitler, was found to have made enough ricin to kill nine people. Davison's son Nicky was sentenced to two in a young offender institution for his role in the chemical weapons production.

Ian Davison had previously admitted to the production of a chemical weapon, preparing acts of terrorism, three counts of possessing material useful to commit acts of terror and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon.

The elder Davison, Newcastle Crown Court was told, stored ricing in a jar in his kitchen.

Andrew Edis, QC, who prosecuted Davison, said that the man was a key part of the neo-Nazi Aryan Strike Force, reports. Edis said that the Aryan Strike Force was "dedicated to using violence," and said that Davison intended to perpetrate acts of terrorism.

“The purpose was the creation of an international Aryan group who would establish white supremacy in white countries,” Edis said, according to “They were followers of the ideology of Adolf Hitler.”

The Aryan Strike Force has about 350 members, Edis told the court, and had discusses mailing cockroaches to Asian businesses as a means of encouraging infestations to get the businesses shut down. Additionally, the group had a training camp in Cumbria and has produced promotional films.

Nicky Davison's two year sentence came as a result of three counts of possessing material useful for acts of terror, which followed the discovering that he had downloaded copies of the Anarchist's Cookbook and The Poor Man's James Bond, which both offer explosives making instructions.