New, low-cost hood could guard against anthrax and smallpox

Elmridge Protection Products recently introduced a relatively low-cost product that could help corrections officers and others avoid inhaling hazardous materials during an emergency response, reports.

The product is a PVC hood called the iEvac. CorrectionsOne states that the iEvac is a PVC hood with a filter system that has been tested to remove 99.97 percent of dangerous particles - including anthrax, smallpox and radioactive particles. It can also protect its wearers from toxic gases, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, ammonia and tear gases, CorrectionsOne reported.

The product is billed as a less expensive alternative to what firefighters use but with all the required safety capabilities.

"Currently, most correctional facilities are using SCBA. SCBA is designed to go into a situation when you know what is – it's for firefighters," Ira Gurvitch, president of Elmridge Protection Products, told "The iEvac can give you a half-hour to an hour of protection in an emergency...Some facilities can't even afford the maintenance of an SCBA. This accomplishes just what they need. It's not to fight fire, but to get you out."

The hood was used by some corrections officers during a mock prison riot at a West Virginia correctional facility, reported.

"The reaction at the mock prison riot was overwhelmingly positive," Gurvitch said.