Major international bridge used in terror attack simulation

The Hamilton Spectator in Hamilton, Ontario, reported that the Rainbow Bridge, major international bridge, was used recently by emergency officials to simulate a biochemical terrorist attack.

Emergency personnel worked with actors who joined in the simulation exercise, conducted in real time, that involved the simulation of a possible nerve gas attack.

The event began when a flatbed truck towing an agricultural sprayer approached the Canadian side of the border-crossing bridge. A man and a woman were in the truck. As the truck crossed the main span of the bridge, smoke began to plume from its rear end, the newspaper reports.

The Hamilton Spectator quotes a script from the simulated attack as saying: "At the same time, a bus carrying a hockey team and their supporters drove through the smoke from the Canadian side and continued to the US side of the bridge. The two individuals exited the smoking vehicle as Canadian Border Services officers approached the vehicle and investigated. At the same time, US border officials approached the bus that had made its way to the US side of the bridge." 

Emergency workers determined that the actors in the truck were displaying symptoms consistent with nerve gas exposure and took steps to prevent the spread.

Also participating in the simulation were the Niagara police, the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, the Canada Border Services Agency, United States Custom and Border Protection, Niagara Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Services – United States, the Niagara Falls, Ont., fire department, the Niagara Falls, NY, fire department as well as a Niagara chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazardous materials group.