National Border Corruption Task Force to stop CBRNs from entering country

A corrupt U.S.-Mexico border patrol officer could accept a bribe to let a truckload of illegal immigrants pass into the United States only to learn later that the vehicle was filled with terrorists. That officer could also knowingly or unknowingly allow passage of a shipment of WMDs, chemical and biological weapons or bombs.

These are scenarios on the post-9/11 border that, according to syndicated investigative reporter Michael Webster with, the FBI and other law agencies are trying to combat with the National Border Corruption Task Force.

Special Agent Keith Byers in the FBI's Chicago office told that the above scenario set "keeps the FBI very focused on weeding out the occasional dishonest government official who accepts bribes to allow people or contraband into this country illegally."

There are examples, and not just scenarios, of crooked border patrol agents. Disgraced former ICE agent Richard Padilla Cramer held top positions on both the U.S. and Mexican sides of the border. But, states, he was on the take and began drug trafficking with a Mexican drug cartel.

Byers told, “While it’s true that the most common acts of border corruption involve drug trafficking and human smuggling, a single incident of the wrong person getting into the country could result in a catastrophe.”