Utah company develops means of killing anthrax

STERIPLEX Ultra may very well be on its way to becoming the first line of defense against anthrax.

The Utah-based company sBioMed, which developed STERIPLEX Ultra, recently told KSL.com that its sterilant kills anthrax spores in a laboratory in less than 30 seconds.

“It can totally destroy spores in a fully-sterilized setting within 30 minutes, which is really record breaking in the industry,” sBioMed president Brian Larson told KSL.com.

Larson explained that anthrax spores can remain dormant for years before being triggered naturally or in the hands of terrorists.

STERIPLEX was tested in Bio-safety Level III labs.

One of the advantages of the STERIPLEX, Larson told KSL.com, is that it can decontaminate an entire large building without harming humans, animals or the building itself, which is what happened during the decontamination of Washington’s Brentwood Post Office nine years ago. The corrosive materials used in that decontamination practically destroyed everything inside that building.

“Our teams and crews could go into a building and decontaminate an entire facility in an extremely short time without expecting the facility to remain offline for several years, as has happened in the past,” Larson told KSL.com.

Larson and sBioMed research vice president Daryl Tichy were presented last week with the Utah Genius Award for their discovery.

STERIPLEX Ultra also kills brucellosis, tularemia and bubonic plague.