Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., praised by NATO Parliamentary Assembly

NATO Parliamentary Assembly members gave praise to Emergent BioSolutions Inc. for hosting a recent one-day forum focused on biopreparedness, TMCnet reported.

The fourm, called "Bioterrorism Prevention, Preparedness and Response," included discussion of how best to develop, fund and manufacture such things as biodefense medical countermeasures as well as how to best cooperate with other nations and create strategic stockpiles.

The treasurer of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and vice chairman of NATO's Parliamentary Assembly Science and Technology Committee, Pierre Claude Nolin, said that it is "vital" to increase international cooperation, which was the goal of the forum.

National legislators came together at the forum to learn more about biopreparedness and to strengthen their homelands biodefense capabilities by sharing ideas from other allies.

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. has 10 years of experience developing, manufacturing and delivering medicines that are "vital to the biodefense infrastructure of the U.S. government."

The forum included a presentation from the senior management team of Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., including chairman and CEO Fual El-Hibri and president and COO Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi. The company's leaders, along with other experts, gave attendees an outline of U.S. tactics to prevention of bioterrorism and spoke on how international efforts can be coordinated.