Emergent BioSolutions hosts Biopreparedness Forum for NATO Assembly

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. recently hosted a “Bioterrorism Prevention, Preparedness and Response” forum organized for members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

The one-day event was an interactive discussion related to biopreparedness strategies and best practices such as funding, development, and manufacture of biodefense medical countermeasures, creation of strategic stockpiles and cooperation within the international community.

“Emergent is pleased to organize this forum for NATO parliamentarians as part of our efforts to raise global awareness of biopreparedness,” Allen Shofe, Emergent BioSolutions Inc. senior vice president of public affairs, said. “Central to our goal of fostering cooperation within the international community is our company's extensive, decade-long experience in the development, manufacture, and delivery of medical countermeasures that are critical to the U.S. government's biodefense infrastructure.”

Canadian Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, who is also treasurer and vice chairman of the NATO science and technology committee, said strengthening the biological weapons convention and garnering international cooperation in biodefense is extremely important. 

"In this committee, we are firm believers in international mechanisms to address the proliferation challenges," Sen. Nolin said in his opening remarks. "Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention and international cooperation in biodefense in general is of paramount importance. Therefore, today's event is extremely valuable and will help us, as national legislators, to obtain more information on this subject and to promote the idea of strengthening the national biodefense capabilities using the best practices and expertise developed by our allies."

The forum provided an overview of the U.S. approach to bioterrorism prevention, the role of the Department of Defense and the importance of coordination of international efforts.

The visiting delegation, led by NATO Officers of the Science and Technology Committee, is composed of parliamentarians from representative NATO nations including Canada, the Czech Republic, France, and Portugal. The forum took place in Washington, D.C.