House Republican Whip says new administration policy endangers lives

In a speech delivered this week at The Heritage Foundation's President's Club meeting, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor touched on national security policy issues that included recent changes to the United States' nuclear policy that he said endangers American lives.

"Make no mistake: American deterrence has been the single most important impediment to war, global instability and the spread of nuclear weapons," Cantor said, according to a speech posted on the Heritage Foundation's website. "But today we live in an increasingly dangerous world. America faces the twin threats of nuclear proliferation and terrorism. Warning signs abound, whether they be the failed attacks in an airplane on Christmas Day or in a parked car in Times Square."

In 2009, the Obama Administration unveiled its strategy to crack down on biological weapons, though the new plan does not include international enforcement, which continues the Bush administrations' rejection of binding verification plans.  
Cantor said the administration's efforts are too lax across the board when it comes to national security.

"The goal in both instances (the Christmas attack and this week's car bomb attempt) was to take many innocent lives," Cantor said. "Yet with each close encounter, my fear is that the country goes on heightened alert only as long as the media tend to cover it. All too often that means hours and days rather than permanently.

"Equally concerning is that the administration and other elected officials tend to give these warnings due attention only in limited spurts. Many of the same critics who groused about how we failed to connect the dots prior to 9-11 are today repeating the same pattern," Cantor said. "As a result, America is at risk of slipping into the type of false sense of security which prevailed before that September morning."