English ricin plot teen found guilty

The son of an English right wing extremist found to be in possession of ricin has been found guilty of taking part in a plot to kill multiple groups of elasticities.

Nicky Davison was found guilty of recruiting a "Nazi Strike Force" on the Internet with a goal of killing Muslims, black people and Jewish people.

The plot by Ian Davison, Nicky Davison's father, was stopped by England's Special Branch, MI 5 and police, who investigated members of  Ian Davison's 360 member group.

Ian Davison is accused of using Nicky to set up his global extremist network.

Following a raid in the elder Davison's home in Burnhopfield, County Durham, ricing, which is 6,000 times more poisonous than cyanide, was found in a pickled onion jar.

Ian Davison admitted to the production of a chemical weapon and terrorism offenses last month.

Nicky Davison was found guilty at Newcastle crown court of possessing information that would be useful in committing or preparing acts of terrorism. The jury took only 50 minutes to find Davison guilty.

Both father and son will be sentenced at a later date.

Nicky Davison claimed that he had only followed his father's racist views to please him and did not believe them.