N.C. simulates nerve agent release

The Rockingham Speedway in Rockingham, North Carolina was the site of a simulated chemical nerve agent release this week as part of a National Guard drill.

“It’s like a novel that I hope never comes true,” Robert Ingram, the track's general manager, told the Richmond County Daily Journal during a walk-through of the exercise.

As part of the scenario, a track employee found a rudimentary laboratory in a storage building on the racetrack's backstretch, which is were recreational vehicles are parked during the race.

After the lab was found, law enforcement was called, which led to the North Carolina National Guard being called in for support.

The 42nd Civil Support Team, which is based in Greenville, North Carolina and boasts 22 members, received the support call at 4 a.m. The team, which had no prior notice of the drill, brought millions of dollars worth of vehicles and equipment to the track.

The 42nd Civil Support Team specializes in mitigating chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats.

The team was sent into the building to take samples and pictures to determine what the lab components are. Authorities were then advised on what steps to take.

Every 18 months, the 42 Civil Support Team is tested on their preparedness.