Alabama men indicted for multiple anthrax threats

Two Alabama men were indicted on Wednesday by a federal grand jury in connection with a series of anthrax hoax letters mailed in Alabama this month and in March.

Clifton Lamar "Cliff" Dodd was charged with mailing 15 hoax letters between March 6 and April 5. The letters allegedly contained a threat in the form of white powder.

One of Dodd's letters was sent to U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby's office in Birmingham, Alabama's Robert S. Vance Federal Building on March 8. Other recipients of the hoax letters from Dodd include Alabama Sen. Jim Preuitt of Talladega, two Talladega County state court judges, Talladega County Sheriff Jerry Studdard, two inmates of the Talladega County Jail when Dodd served time, a Lincoln and Oxford police department investigators who had previously interviewed Dodd.

Dodd and Milstead Earl "Mickey" Darden were charged with eight other counts of mailing hoax anthrax letters on April 24. 

A 24th indictment charges Dodd and Darden with conspiring to send threatening hoax letters that were mailed April 24. Dodd and Darden were arrested by postal inspectors on April 24 after depositing eight letters in an outdoor drop box at the Pell City Post Office. Those eight letters were found to contain white powder, the arrest affidavit says.

The indictment alleges that Darden allowed Dodd to assemble the eight letters while sitting in Darden's car. Darden is also alleged to have driven Dodd to the Pell City Post Office to mail them.