New vaccine delivery system could aid first responders

A new patent has been issued to Mystic Pharmaceuticals for its VRx2 drug delivery platform that is expected to aid the deployment of medicine in the event of a bioattack.

"One of the primary applications for this technology will be to develop needle-free vaccines for pandemic and bioterror threats that are safer, easier and less costly to produce and deploy," Dr. C.J. Peters, director for biodefense in the Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said.

The VRx2 Delivery Platform is a preservative free, precision dose delivery for ophthalmic and intranasal drugs and biologics. The recently issued patent number 7,699,597 covers Mystic's proprietary unit dose blisters technology as it pertains to packaging of drugs or biologics that have been freeze dried to powder form.

By freeze drying the drugs or biologics, their stability is improved and the need for cold chain management is reduced. Auto-reconstitution to a liquid form at the time of administration is also enabled through the VRx2 platform.

Unlike traditional freeze dried vaccines, which must be reconstituted by a trained medical professional, which is difficult to do in adverse conditions, Mystic's patented unit dose blister technology allows for automatic reconstitution and self-administration by a consumer with the push of a button.

"Mystic's technology will simplify and accelerate the packaging, deployment and delivery of drugs and biologics to protect the public safety in a crisis situation," Timothy Sullivan, Mystic's president and CEO, said.