FDNY simulates bioevent

New York City's fire department, in conjunction with the Marines, staged a simultaneous mock suicide bombers and multiple poison gas attacks on Thursday practice emergency preparedness.

As part of the simulated bioterror attack, an FDNY team removed wounded victims from a destroyed MTA bus to a triage area. Victims were also pulled from crushed cars that had been turned on their sides or were upside down.

Approximately 100 marines and 100 firefighters took place in the simulation exercise, which was held at the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall's Island.

Another simulated attack, which took place in a replica of a city subway platform blanketed in haze, saw "victims" screaming for help and a mass of mangled dummies representing the dead, including one dummy with a severed leg wearing an FDNY uniform.

Rescue workers in fully body suits and gas masks were forced to lead victims outside of the platform to a decontamination tent where the victims were hosed and sponged down by the Marines.

The point of the drill, Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano told the NY Daily News, was to teach firefighters and Marines to work closely together and to share their expertise.

The Marines were part of an Indian Head, Maryland Chemical Biological Incident Response Force unit.