Anthrax outbreak in Bangladesh

Eleven patients suspected of contracting anthrax in Baangladesh will be sent to the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research in Mohakhali in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for further testing.

All of the patients contracted the disease in at Gala village in Ghatail upazila.

According to villagers, The Daily Star Reports, a man slaughtered one of his sick cows on April 6 and then processed the meat with the aid of his family members and several neighbors. The meat was then distributed among the man's relatives and friends.

Twenty-four hours after the slaughter, 11 of the people involved, including women and children who cut and washed the meat, began reporting infections on different parts of their bodies including the hands and legs. These pains were followed by itching and pain, locals said.

Treatment for the eleven infected people was sought at the Ghatail upazila health complex. Doctors at the complex gave the infected antibiotics under the assumption that the disease was an ordinary infection.

Following two weeks of treatment, the patients' infections had not subsided. A team of doctors visiting the patients at the village suspected they were infected with anthrax, Mohammad Emranul Alam, an upazila health and family planning officer in Ghatail, told The Daily Star.

Several tests will be be performed at the IEDCR to confirm that the infections are in fact anthrax.