Arizona law enforcement take part in bioevent simulation

The "old gym" at Lakeside, Arizona's Blue Ridge High School was taken over by Arizona Rangers last Tuesday as part of a statewide bioterrorism simulation.

The Rangers were guarding lifesaving medicine as part of the live exercise, which stemmed from a simulated anthrax dispersal at a rodeo and concert event in Phoenix. 

Contaminated attendees for the scenario had returned to their homes before the discovery of their exposure.

Following the discovery of the simulated dispersal, a request was sent to the Arizona Department of Health for medicine. The department then contacted the governor, who requested medicine from the Centers for Disease Control.

A "push package" of medicine was delivered from the CDC within 12 hours. The Arizona Rangers, in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Health, provided security and transportation for the medicine as it was dispersed to the targeted communities and the citizens in need.

Eight jurisdictions, including Navajo and Apache County and the White Mountain Apache Tribe, were involved in the live exercise, which had a goal of testing the Arizona State and County Health Departments' ability to obtain lifesaving medications and deliver them to those in need in under 12 hours.

The Arizona Rangers are a group of unpaid volunteers partnered with law enforcement.