Site of N.H. anthrax infection reopens

The Waysmeet Center in Durham, N.J., has officially reopened to students and staff last week almost four months after a Strafford County Woman fell ill with gastrointestinal anthrax at a drum circle in the building.

"We're absolutely certain it's safe to enter," Dr. Jodie Dionne-Odom, the deputy state epidemiologist, told

The Waysmeet Center, which houses the United Campus Ministry at the University of New Hampshire, was released from the Department of Health and Human Services back to the ministry on Friday.

After signing an order for the release, the Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood, the executive director of the ministry, removed the quarantine order from the building.

The entire building was scrubbed by environmental cleanup teams after anthrax spores were found throughout the building, including on two animal hide-covered drums and electrical outlets.

"It's been a tough ordeal," the Rev. Brickner-Wood told "Not as tough for us as the young woman, but she's recovering...and we're so thankful for that."

The woman who was infected with anthrax at the December drum circle was recently able to return home from the hospital. Dionne-Odom said that woman is walking and talking and able to answer questions though her long-term prognosis still isn't clear.