Blue Pharmaceuticals LLC to produce anthrax vaccine in Puerto Rico

The Franklin, Kentucky-based Blue Pharmaceuticals LLC has opened a new manufacturing facility in Dorado, Puerto Rico, this week that will manufacture ciprofloxacin, its anthrax antidote, among other pharmaceuticals.

The acquisition of the new manufacturing facility, Blu Pharmaceuticals announced, was to aid the company in meeting demand for medicines to be supplied to the U.S. government.

As much as $60 million will be invested by Blue Pharmaceuticals into the facility, which will employ nearly 250 people and go by the name of Blue Caribe, Inc., over the next three years.

The 145,000-square-foot FDA-approved facility, previously owned by Biovail Corp., will also feature a research and development operation. Blu Caribe will serve as a pilot plant that will run small batches of product under development.

“The stars aligned for us in Puerto Rico,” Bill Luster, president of Blu Pharmaceuticals, told “We were able to acquire a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for pennies on the dollar of what it would have cost for us to build an operation from the ground-up, plus we were able to tap into a highly talented work force. We have been able to transfer technology successfully to Puerto Rico in just three months, where it may have taken nine months elsewhere.”