First responders in Arizona tested

A bioterror anthrax event was staged by police and firefighters in Peoria and Glendale, Arizona, on Tuesday night to gauge preparedness in the event of such a disaster.

The training exercise, health leaders in Arizona said, was to gauge every level of response during an emergency, from traffic control to security to medication dispensing.

"We need to be able to treat everyone in the entire community, all four million people who live here, plus visitors, within 48 hours of notification in order to protect everyone against the worst possible type of event," Dr. Bob England of the Department of Public Health told

The health experts also added that, like any other major emergency, first responders are only as good as the practice they have or have not received.

The Department of Homeland Security provided grants to fund the training exercise, which was held at the Peoria Sports Complex.

The Peoria Sports Complex is used by both the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners for spring training and is comprised of a main stadium and twelve practice fields. The complex is surrounded by hotels, shopping centers and entertainment, making it a prime example of a metro area that could be attacked.