Hazmat Hood to protect against bioterror in under 15 minutes

A new product, dubbed Hazmat Hood, that aims to protect first responders in a bioterror emergency will launch at this year's Counter Terror Expo.

Hazmat Hood, created by BSI, is a standard compliant, low cost, pocket sized escape hood that can provide an increased chance of survival and safe escape during a bioevent.

BSI says that the Hazmat Hood, which costs as little as $23, provides the highest level of escape protection possible and comes in a one-size-fits-all hood that is capable of protecting against not only CBRN hazards but also against smoke.

Marked and manufactured to specifically comply with the new EEC an UK guidelines and standards, Hazmat Hood can be fully utilized within 15 minutes and boasts the equivalent protection of a military-style respirator without the attendant training or fit testing.

“The Hazmat Hood provides the wearer with the same levels of protection as a full face military type respirator for escape purposes,” Jeff Charlton, principle consultant for BSI, said. “Prior to the publication of these standards, it was illegal to issue any potential victim with protection unless they were trained and fit-tested, due to the stringent PPE safety laws.”

Because of its compact nature, Hazmat Hood can also be issued in advance or during a terrorist CBRN attack, industrial accident or evacuation through a hazardous atmosphere.