Universal Detection Technology partners with Morphix Technologies

A partnership has been formed between Universal Detection Technology and Morphix Technologies for its chemical weapons and hazardous industrial chemical detection system.

"Through our partnership with Morphix Technologies we can now provide all our major customers the latest in handheld chemical weapon detection equipment," Jacques Tizabi, Universal Detection Technologies' chief executive officer, said. "With this partnership, Universal Detection Technology is striving to provide the first responder community with a one-stop-shop for all their chemical, biological and radiological detection equipment needs."

Morphix Technologies' Chameleon chemical detection device may be utilized by fire, police and emergency rescue personnel in their role as first responders. The color change technology allows first responders using the system to determine quickly the presence of chemical weapons and hazardous chemicals.

The low cost and easy to use Chameleon detection device has also proven itself to be field rugged and can be worn in desert heat, arctic cold and in-between and is even water submersible.

"Morphix Technologies is excited about our new partnership with Universal Detection Technology," Kimberly Chapman, Morphix Technologies' vice president, said. "This collaboration is truly an example of American tax dollars well spent. With the Universal Detection Technologies' anthrax detector from NASA (BSM-2000) and the DoD funded chemical detector, Chameleon, Homeland Security and first responders now have access to tested and approved state-of-the-art technologies for chemical and biological detection."